Website registered! What will I be doing with my site?

Possibilities Are Endless To Be Honest . . .

The process of registering for my website was fairly easy and the step-by-step video provided by Professor Seslow made it go by real smoothly. Now that I’m all registered for my website “” I’m very excited about the possibilities that exist about what I can do with this platform. I know I plan on making regular blog posts that express regular, daily life that infuses my interest and hopefully others as well. I really am into sneakers, specific fandoms such as Marvel, Game of Thrones, I’d also like to include things about space, the universe, astrology, and so forth and I’d like to make blogs about these topics. Of course, memes and gifs galore because I want my website to be tiny speck in this multiverse of the internet to uplift and make people laugh. Tumblr is a good example of a website that gives me those vibes. A collection of interest and popular culture. Some things are still up in the air in terms of how I want my website to look and be structured etc. but I look forward to customizing it and letting my creativity go wild. Please any ideas, feedback, thoughts, constructive criticism are all welcomed! I really want to make this website to the best of my ability and hopefully, attract people to come and take a peek at it.