Assignment #11 – Checkin out Websites’

I was checkin out my fellow classmate’s websites and I saw some splendid stuff going on. Great job everyone. You guys gave me ideas for my own website, thanks. 😉

Stealing Mike D GIF by Beastie Boys
Me stealing you guys ideas 😂

I discovered Tyler’s website and it was one of my favorite’s. The template he chose and the color scheme match the vibe he creates. I was drawn in by the home page where he introduces you to his world of ideas and creativity. It paints a picture in your mind of this imaginative space and you feel welcome to join. I was really impressed by his recent blog post where he shares one of his creative written works. Definitely go check it out, I was captivated by the great writing. Looking forward to other ones Tyler.

Tyler’s Home page
Tyler’s creative work

If you need some fashion advice go check out Shanjida’s website to keep you up to date with all the latest fashion trends on a budget. The template choice is chef’s kiss, it complements the topic and theme of her website. I like the home page because it introduces you to her type of style. Her first blog post is easy to follow and straight to the point. The guys would appreciate some fashion advice too. Thanks 😮

Shanjida’s blog post


Shanjida’s home page

I JUST posted a new blog post as well 👀

It’s about my FAVORITE concert I went to this year.

Check it out!

Here’s a video:

(It won’t load here so I guess you have to go to my blog post 🤷🏾‍♂️)



4 thoughts on “Assignment #11 – Checkin out Websites’”

  1. Hey Brandan
    I agree with you, looking at our classmate’s work gives us a lot of ideas we can apply to our own work. A lot of great work from everyone so far. And good work on your website.

  2. Good work on this!
    Great selections on fellow classmate’s websites to visit too!
    (lots of great new work being done this past week as the semester winds down!)
    I also like how you engaged your readers with an incentive to visit your personal site!

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