CT 101-Week 2: Assignment 1

I love reading about crime stories. Watching videos about mysteries, abduction cases, and missing people cases on YouTube all interest me. This has been making me happy this week. These cases can be in the form of articles, stories, or videos. I mostly watch the video formats though. I would like to get into the podcast formats as well. I discovered these videos by watching one video in particular about a specific case and that eventually led me to more videos about a similar subject. I then discovered that there were different YouTubers who did stories like the one I was interested in and ever since I have just been watching them. 

1 thought on “CT 101-Week 2: Assignment 1”

  1. Congrats on your first post!
    This is looking good so far!
    Lets call it a “wip” – work in progress,
    We always need to add supporting hyperlinks that share the source of our images, resources, research, and referencing. This gives us context and also takes us on a ride of relatedness.
    Lets add a few hyperlinks and perhaps embed a video or two!
    Thank you!

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