WEEK # 5 create two assignments DS106 or the Daily Create site

For this assignment I need to pick two assignments that I would like to create. One of the assignments that I picked is TV SHOW GIFS. I decided to go with this one because on my last assignment I had to create a GIF and it was very fun and I thought I would enjoy it even more if it is from my favorite show Game of Thrones! In the assignment I have to create4-6 GIFs of my favorite TV SHOW, so here we go!

OF course this one has to be my favorite, A young Jone Snow fighting and entire army. Makes me think of me against all my responsibilities.

This GIF I made it because this is exactly what happen to me this semester. I thought that online classes were going to be easy and I got slapped in the face.

My next GIF is one of the dragons burning through everything that is on its path just like the year 2020 lol.

This is my final GIF. The king asking Stark for a burger.

The next project that I would like to do Is even more interesting because I have to pick an assignment that requires a skill that I have not learn yet, I pick a web design project.  The reason I picked this project is because i think that story telling through video is a very important skill set to have, because with very major social media has story telling as a part of sharing content.