Week 6 Part 1 2 Choices:

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For the first part of this assignment I will share what 2 assignments from DS106 grabbed my attention. SO LETS BEGIN:

Here’s the link> https://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/who-said-what/

So this Visual Assignment grabbed my attention because it offered a mass of creative ideas to use. To combine different agents from movies into 1 image was gold, because it is to combine them by using 1 of the 3’s photo, 1 quote from one of them, and then referencing the quote to another actor/agent that didnt say it but would fit their character.

The endless combinations one can make is what makes it fun. Some skills one must know here are editing and taking a screenshot of your screen. Also, use the power of your creativity here!

The 2nd one was the following:

Here’s the link> https://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/80s-product-radio-commercial/

This Audio Assignment was actually the first one in the page for its section, I scrolled around to check the others but this seemed like the most interesting one to do, since you gotta be creative of the object you choose as well as creative on how you will present the commercial.

For this project all you will need is your phone or any recording device to record you choice. A notepad in my opinion to memorize or just read what you are gonna say. The object I have in mind if end up choosing this project is a walkman, one of the first devices used to jamming.

Like mentioned before some of the skills you’ll need here are editing skills and the rest is on your creativity, doesn’t sound like much but they are important to have. Being able edit things is most needed to many situations, fun ones and unexpected ones such as this fun one for the assignments. More assignments like so are needed, it pushes one to use their creativity and the more you use it the better. So, I wonder what i’ll choose in the end, wonder what you chose as well reader. Bye bye 🙂

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