Welcome to CT101 – Digital Storytelling! FALL 2021

an old TV from the 1980s hosts the Digital Storytelling course title program

Welcome Everyone!

I hope that you are safe and healthy! Here we are: CT101 – Digital Storytelling! The Fall Semester of 2021

Ok, this blog post is a lot things, but first and foremost it is a welcoming! Im excited to meet everyone and share our 1st class session to connect and learn about each other. That’s Nyle DiMarco below, he’s a Deaf Actor and Artist, he is showing us how to say: “Nice to Meet You” in American Sign Language. Im also Deaf and Hard of Hearing, so you can expect to learn some ASL and see more ASL GIFs this semester! I hope that you like animated GIFS, we are going use a lot of them here, and make them too! We are going to spend a lot of time discussing ways that we communicate.

an animated GIF of Nyle DiMarco signing "Nice to Meet You" in American Sign Language

There is a lot of compelling content to cover this semester in CT101, which will happen in many fun ways! Lets start this week with a real time Zoom class at 10AM (the zoom link and passcode is already posted on our Blackboard course page and I sent as an announcement to your CUNY e-mail address.)

**This is the direct URL / Link to our class Website – https://ct101.commons.gc.cuny.edu/ <—that link is where EVERYTHING is happening for CT101. Im a fan of blackboard and will only use it to remind the class about password sensitive things, like the zoom info..

Please make sure you are familiar with the CUNY academic calendar,  as there are a few up and coming holidays this month where classes are not in session.

kermit the frog rigorously typing - animated GIF

The CT101 Class Structure

CT101 will be taught synchronously via Zoom and asynchronously for the lab session. Ill explain all of this in our first class.  Please know, I am always here to help you be the best that you can be in our course. And we are all here to do the same for each other. Our class is a community! A big part of our class is exploring your creativity and being experimental with the Internet! Plus, we will learn about the evolving array of digital tools that are available to us. We do quite a bit of the creative work from our own personal work spaces as we integrate the class work into our lives.

Please know, I will always screen-record each and every assignment’s description, how-to’s and tutorials and share those videos here on our website. Please think of this website as a repository of information, energy and inspiration for the course (and beyond!)

*The Class Website – Our class website takes place on the CUNY Academic Commons! You will soon discover that the Commons is a huge resource and regular source of inspiration and community! Im excited to share this with you all.

**This Week’s Assignment – In the comments section below (if you scroll down to the bottom of this page) Lets leave our first Comment!

Your comment will serve as our attendance today, but please introduce yourself! Tell us a bit about yourself, What is your name? What you are studying here at York College?  What is your favorite movie, activities, ice cream flavor? Favorite place to visit on the web? What are you most interested in at this moment? Etc..) Feel free to add some links! Lets get to know each other.

**PS -I moderate all the comments to make sure that spam bots don’t spam us into oblivion! If may take a few minutes before your comment shows up, no need to submit it twice if you don’t see it appear right away **

Also, please explore this website, read through the syllabus and some of the course resources, it will be super helpful in the next coming weeks.


28 thoughts on “Welcome to CT101 – Digital Storytelling! FALL 2021”

  1. My name is Jeremiah, but I also go by “Jay.” I ‘m studying journalism. My favorite movies are The Matrix and Love & Basketball (yes, it’s a tie). I co-host a radio show at York College (YCRadio):”YC On Purpose”
    My favorite place to visit on the web is YouTube (always something interesting and I love finding new music). Link to former wordpress blog: https://cooltableconvo.wordpress.com/

  2. Hello, my name is Tyler, it’s nice to meet you all. I’m studying English in pursuit of my dream career of becoming an author. While I do enjoy reading, I also indulge in video games (RPGs specifically) and television. I like to read/watch books about mythology, anthropology, psychology, and manga. Currently, I am attempting to keep my blog running while juggling college life and it’s proven to be mentally exhausting.

        1. It can be, but the context of how and why it would be used plays a big role. They will limit a lot of the control the designer has over the site. I really think that having one’s own domain and using an open source platform like wordpress is better. (not to be confused with wordpress.com – but the open source version using wordpress.org) Which is what we will do in our class. I will walk through the process and its super exciting!

  3. My name is Alejandra and my major is journalism. I’m really excited to take this class in order to help with the digital side of newspaper. I also need help with setting up a website because last time I had to set one up didn’t go too well. My favorite movie genre is romantic comedy and coming of age. I enjoy watching soccer games and listening to music.

  4. My name is Sara Martinez my major is journalism and I’m minoring in political science, Im really exited for CT 101 Digital storytelling because #1 I’m not familiar with trans media storytelling such as blogs, youtube channels,wedsites and apps as much as I would like to be. I’m more familiar with print media, secondly, I think its really amazing to “build your own philosophy for the web” like the professor said during class. Thing I enjoy during my free time is cooking and baking, and listening to podcast on my phone.

    1. Welcome, Sara! Excellent, oh yes, we will indeed “build & create a presence & philosophy” on the web! So much fun to explore and create there! I love to cook too!

  5. My name is William Liang and I am a sophmore that is majoring in Marketing and minoring in Communications Technology. I am excited to take this course because I think this course will help me in the near future. As currently everything is converting to electronics and being able to have certain skill sets will be vital in future jobs. I enjoy reading and being creative with my hands, such as building keyboards or painting acrylic paintings.

    1. Welcome, William! Yes! Indeed, our class will make us all more marketable for todays ever expanding technology based world! And, creative skill sets go along way!

  6. Hello everyone! My name is Ericka Herrera. I am a senior at York College. I major in political science and minor in business administration. I want to get my JD/MBA. I love consuming social media but I am not active on any platform as a user. I hope this class will help change that. I also want to start a business in the future and I think this class will be of great help in portraying myself and my business website in the future. My hobbies include painting and dancing. I’m also a plant mom. I have over 50 plants.

  7. Hello everyone, My name is Julissa Penaloza and I am currently in the nursing program. My favorite ice cream flavor will have to be either chocolate or coffee. My favorite places to visit on the web are youtube and Netflix. At this moment, I am interested in graduating and going into my career; hopefully performing well on all my classes.

  8. Hello professor Ryan, my name is Saurav Singh and I am currently majoring in Computer Science. My favorite movie is Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, favorite activities is playing video games and hanging out with friends later part is kinda hard due to covid and my favorite ice cream flavor is Vanilla. Favorite place on the web is YouTube because of all the free content that is there for entertainment and for studying purposes. Currently I am in my second to last semester and I will be graduating next semester, and after 5 years of doing my computer science degree and not knowing which field I want to go into, I finally decided on Web Development. At the moment I am working on getting my skills better at front-end development as well as making my portfolio better and hopefully land my first job in the field next year. Hope to have a great semester with you and everyone in the class!

  9. Hi everyone, my name is Kiara Gapour but you can call me Kiki. The qualities that make me who I am are my personality, past, and experiences. I am an enterprising person and am extremely ambitious, am determined to accomplish all my goals in life. I am also a very silly, sweet, and down-to-earth type of person. December 2021 I will be earning my bachelor’s degree in psychology. My favorite movie is Titanic. My favorite activities are swimming, dancing, traveling, and watching videos. My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream. My favorite place on the Web to visit is YouTube. I am most interested in at this moment is my vacation to Jamaica during the Christmas holiday.



  10. Hello Everyone,
    My name is Nader Nagi, I am an accounting major, and this is my last semester. My favorite movie/show is money heist; it is a great show I recommend everyone to watch it. My favorite ice cream is mango ice cream it sounds like a bland flavor but tastes excellent. I love searching for everything is see in front of me. I often use google to explain anything I don’t understand. Google has indeed become my best friend, and I love it. This is my final semester, and I am glad I took this course; it will help me build my website, which will help me open my own business. I’m super excited to be here and looking forward to learning a lot from this course.

  11. Hi Everyone,

    I am Shanjida Choudhury, but you can call me Jida (jee-duh)! I am finally starting my last semester as a senior, so excited to finally graduate. I am majoring in Information Systems Management so I took a lot of business and technical classes during my first few years of college. Now that I have the ability to take whatever class I want, I thought I should take a fun class. So here I am not using blackboard for the first time and I think I like it! I love to bake during my free time but my family hates it because they end up eating sweets when they’re not supposed to. If I am not baking then I am definitely buying something from Amazon or H&M… I like to call this retail therapy.

  12. Hi class and Professor,
    My name is Brandon, I am a senior studying information systems. I really enjoy Pixar movies my top three are the Incredibles, Monster inc. and Soul. I like playing basketball and tennis. Cookies and cream is the flavor to go for ice cream. My favorite place on the web right now is TikTok. At this moment I’m really interested in this new artist I found named spencer, the song on repeat for me is automatic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pd-rwZGWZP0
    Looking forward to this class! 🙂

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