Assignment 6- Digital

In my perspective Creativity is the ability to express myself freely and authentically through art medium, bringing feelings, thoughts, and experiences into the creation of something new and tangible. For me, that would typically be my poetry- an art form set forth based on emotional experiences and triggers, that can only come out of my mind and cannot be recreated because the creator cannot be duplicated. Immediacy is the ability to do something at once, to put the idea out as soon as it hits, to let yourself write, dance, or tell your truth as soon as it is noticed, immediately. Intuition is your gut or heart feeling, your sixth sense so to speak, the voice of God or a higher power or the universe giving us wisdom that cannot be expressed in words so instead comes forth as a physical sensation. We should always follow our intuition because it guides us to positive aspects that help our growth as a human on this earth.

I would put these words in the order of Intuition + Creativity + Immediacy, and the result is life. The creative potential of my awareness of this moment is expansive and versatile- an art project, a painting, a poem, a silent reflective meditation, but for this class I will intervene by creating a digital art peace for my CT101 blog post. The creative potential of this assignment is to use to create whatever feels right in that exact moment, and let it flow.

I used to create how I view the world emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and our strive as humans towards higher consciousness and delving into the unknown- the earth, psychedelics, meditation, Buddha, love, intuition, third eye, scientific brain activities, etc. all show that we truly know nothing, yet our very existence is everything.





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