What is Copyright?

Copyright.gov states that Copyright” literally means the right to copy but has come to mean that body of exclusive rights granted by law to copyright owners for protection of their work.”  Copyright exists so that the person. group of people responsible for creating a certain type of content can get the recognition and ownership entitled to them.

For this assignment, I watched Larry Lessig’s “Laws that choke creativity” Ted- talk. I find that what Lessig had to say was very insightful.  His approach to breaking down the similarities and differences between law, technology, culture, creativity, and etc, was rather interesting to take in. One quote that stood out was ” we live life constantly against the law, ordinary people live against the law, and that’s what I– we are  doing to our kids. They live life knowing they live it against the law. That realization is extremely corrosive…. That was Lessig’s closing statement to the audience. I was completely blown away. Those words forced to me really try and understand where he was coming from.