What Is Copyright? Option 1

Copyright, a form of protection to a creation of your own, it being visual, auditory or even an object.

Should everyone copyright their work? I don’t think so, your work can inspire others creative perspectives and they might want to change the given form of your work just to create another perspective of it. Music wise I would probably, I am bit in the middle of copyrighting music, I feel that either way if you copyright others will still use it because once something is the internet, it’s given to all to share, re-share and change up a bit to change perspective or to add a new rhythm per se.

Something Lawrence said,

“I’m instead just going to remind you of the point the BMI teaches us. That artist choice is the key for new technology having an opportunity for open business, and we need to build artist choice here if these new technologies are to have that opportunity”

This was stated by Lawrence but worded in a way to avoid getting in trouble with the Ted Talks policy of selling, but this is what I understood from this; We the artist when we create something have the opportunity to allow others to grow from our growth and expand our creation to newer creations with different perspectives and ideas. That is why this quote captured my attention, it’s all a choice whether to share or not to share.

Before closing I want to describe fair use. Fair use simply means that there are ways to use copyrighted material for different purposes. Such as in youtube you see a lot of youtuber criticizing others videos on youtube, this is a form of fair use, criticizing. Interesting right?