What makes me happy on the internet?

A lot of things make me happy on the internet but the main thing that brightens up my day is a nice post of wholesome content, whether it would be a funny cat video or a cool post involving people with their pets.


These types of videos are always helpful in making me feel better if I’m not in the best of moods. It’s hard to not smile at a nice video with animals in it.

Another thing i enjoy on the internet is reading.

Having a phone allows you to access all sorts of news and such at your fingertips. Reading news outlets and apps like Quora and Wikipedia help me pass the time whenever I don’t feel like watching videos. There’s always hidden gems and fun facts that you’ll find interesting as well as tips and such to improve the quality of life among others.
The last thing I will talk about that makes me happy on the internet is getting to meet new people! It was shaky at first but getting to share your experiences with others around the world sounds very cool. As a younger guy, I don’t do it much myself but i was able to take advantage of the easier communication by making plenty of friends that I still talk to to this day.
It’s also worth noting that you keep yourself safe online at all times when communicating and not post material that may be personal or private to the public as the internet can recycle in seconds so be mindful and think before you post!
Anyway, those are what makes me happy from an internet standpoint. There are many more things that make me happy on the internet but they aren’t as significant.

2 thoughts on “What makes me happy on the internet?”

  1. Great work, Nice job on your first post!
    We can hyperlink to things that you mentioned for context – Quora and Wikipedia both have great websites, hyperlink to them 🙂

  2. The kittie cat gif you chose was ultra cute. I am impressed that a kitten would sit so long on a piece of bread.

    Whenever I stumble across a video of dogs and cats, I always click on them. They immediately change my mood from super serious to laughing out loud. Something about the combination of adorable and hilarious keeps me watching.

    My partner has often come out of his bedroom to ask me what I’m laughing at, and it’s usually videos of dogs and cats being super adorable.

    You can’t go wrong with an animal gif in your blog post. It lightened up my mood when I needed a moment of laughter.

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