What Makes Me Happy On The Media? Joi Calinda

What Makes Me Happy?

Joi Calinda

Over the course of this week, something that made me happy in the media came off the Instagram app. As I’m scrolling on my feed I see a reel that shows Lil Mama, a female rapper best known for creating the viral song “Lip Gloss” , had just launched her lip gloss brand called Vaniteast Cosmetics.

This gives me nostalgia as a little girl watching her music video on Youtube and the lipgloss in the video being so girly. Literally everyone wanted her lip gloss wand. So to see her launch her company with lip products made me feel young again although I’m only 21. For anybody that hasn’t seen the video you could watch here it on youtube: Lil Mama: Lipgloss


If you take a look at the beginning of the music video she has a keychain with lipgloss in it. As a girl always wanted one of my own.

The brand is in collaboration with a jewelry company called Aporro, calling the cosmetic line “It’s Poppin”. Which is ironic, it’s the same catchy hook she says throughout the song. On Instagram an instrumental to “Lip Gloss” plays in the background as the rapper puts the gloss onto her lips tossing it back and forth with another person. 

After seeing this I’m interested in buying to see the quality and since I’ve been getting into doing my own makeup.

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  1. Hi Joi. I remember that era of “my lip gloss is popping, my lip gloss is cool…”. I did not know she had a lip gloss brand. Do you know if she is still making music because that was probably the only song I knew from her? But it is cool that she has a business because that song made up our childhoods since the early 2000s.

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