My DS106 Project Flexibility

I chose the audio assignment below because for some years now I thought it would be cool to make party/dance music using this kind of technology.  I’ve tried to use Garage Band on my Mac, but I got frustrated and gave up too soon.

I think to successfully learn this audio tool it might take me 3 or so projects to become a storyteller.  In today’s world of technology, there are many tools that can be used with this kind of audio tool to enhance your goals.  I think learning this would be important because music and other sounds can create an atmosphere, a feeling, an emotion that adds context to the story you are trying to create.

Sick Beat audio software to make music and sounds.

I will circle back around to the above Sick Beats software after watching a better tutorial and try and make my own song. 😳

Next is the writing assignment below.  I chose to do this assignment because I actually like to write creative stories.  It’s pretty fun and you can let you imagination go wild.  I also knew this would be an assignment I could complete fairly easily.  I like the medium of writing because it’s another creative way to reach a lot of people, especially people who like to read.  Creative writing is actually an art that I’m really interested in, but I have to figure out what I’d like my end goal to be, whether for books, screenplays, or just for my own personal outlet.

You can read my story, “Dinner with an old friend” here.


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  1. Hey James, I also like the audio assignments they seem so interesting but I’m not sure it’s a field I’ll have with. Also I tried to read your story but the link you have didn’t work for me.

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