What’s the Steez?


My idea for my website is simply something I’ve always wanted. A site about me! The site name is one of my many monikers (I had a pretty good idea that it wouldn’t be taken) that I use when I stream or play games online. I want to use my website as a way to advertise the content that I already have on the internet and provide new content and updates on my life as well. Essentially a blog but with video games, mini-podcasts and whatever else I can think of.

The name is centered around Jaleel White and his iconic character Steve Urkel who happens to be my celebrity look-alike. I’ve gotten it for years and expect to until I’ve retired from this planet (If I’m lucky). Although I never saw this comparison as a bad thing, I think it’s funny to embrace it, especially as the show fades from mainstream popularity. I will keep the energy of Steve (and Stephan) alive through my funny one-liners and nerdy interests.

Although unlike Steve (and more like Stephan), I bring some flavor (swag, sauce or STEEZ if you will) to the table. Although I owe a lot of it to my New York upbringing, I have been many places and seen many things. I want to share my thought processes about popular topics along with showing off my skills in whatever medium I choose. I want my work to shock the masses and maybe even myself. I want to read or watch it back and think, “Wow. Did I do that?”

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