Assignment #4 – Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility



One task for which I believe I already possess the necessary abilities is the design assignment.This assignment wants us to Design a poster for an upcoming event, it could be a concert, a car show, really anything you want, the event can even be made up. THIS ASSIGNMENT WAS SELECTED BECAUSE I ENJOY BEING CREATIVE WHEN MAKING POSTERS. Making posters and developing new designs has always been a hobby of mine since I was in middle school.

Posters are one of the most cost-effective advertising mediums available. Posters allow you to reach a large audience for a fraction of the cost of radio, newspaper, or television advertising in a simple, straightforward, and cost-effective manner. When you combine your design skills with it, it becomes even better. Design, whether we realize it or not, is one of the most powerful factors in our life, and it can also be motivating, uplifting, and illuminating.” It takes a lot more than just making a nice-looking product to be a competent designer. It’s all about giving them a great experience at every touchpoint and with every interaction.


This is an assignment I’ll be doing more of this semester to help me learn and develop both emergent storytelling talents. I’ll be utilizing the website cavas. It’s a fantastic website for integrating design, picture editing, and layout to assist instructors and students in producing stunning completed projects. Teachers may use Canva to create posters, guides, and projects, but students can also use it to complete homework.

This project required us to create an interactive software with 100-200 lines of code and a viewer-interactive component. I believe the code assignment is the only one for which I believe I require further expertise. Yes, I am familiar with HTML and CSS, but coding need more experience.

There are several sites for learning programming languages. Codecademy is one of the most well-known online code-teaching websites. I could learn Javascript, jQuery, Python, Ruby, and PHP, among other languages, at Codecademy. Once I’ve learned the essential languages, I may move on to more advanced tasks like building a website, establishing a Rails app, utilizing APIs to create apps, and other fascinating ambitions. In addition, I can learn these abilities via Youtube, Khan Academy, Udemy, and Coursera

Programming skills are vital because they assist young pupils acquire problem-solving talents, such as the capacity to solve a problem both rationally and creatively. Coding increases a person’s cognitive talents by helping them to think more clearly, strategically, and analytically. I will be learning more programming language this semester and applying this skills to real life world. I want to build an app using c programing this semesters. Hoping to use more of my design skills 




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  1. Hey Elizabeth, I thought your post was interesting, especially your take on posters being one of the most cost-efficient advertising mediums available. I too enjoy making posters even if it’s for fun and I thought that your take on coding was fascinating as well. I guess it’s because I know it is not my cup of tea.

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