CT 101- Assignment 3- Memes are Art?


Similar to how art does, Memes may provide a cultural perspective as well as a feeling of critique. Because memes are an expression of thoughts and feelings, they should be classified as art.Most are you stumbled across one while going through Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms a minute or an hour ago. Memes have long ago permeated the mainstream, becoming a common sight on social media feeds and, more recently, on the walls of art gallery displays.

Meme makes our live more easy to express our thought on social media, we easily can show our funny excitement on virtual media by using memes. I think this pandemic make memes most popular than ever before.   The latest and greatest spin off in the meme art world has been the viral Bernie Sander glove photo. Everyone start making meme with Bernie Sander viral glove photo. It so easy to make meme. Just we all need a funny photo and add some few words.

The meme style attracts our eyes in a world where we surf through news feeds for hours at a time, and most of them can be read and comprehended in seconds. It would be insane for me to suggest that memes can’t be used for storytelling after using memes to explain this entire piece. Using memes to communicate a tale makes no difference to me. All you have to do now is create or locate the proper memes to tell your narrative the way you want it to be told.