Midterm? Already?

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To be honest, I feel like I am doing fairly well in CT101 for a variety of reasons that being I comment on my classmates’ posts as well as respond to the professor and feel like I hit every requirement in our weekly blog posts. However, that does not mean I couldn’t be doing better because I can. I could be doing more to get the full experience out of this class whether it reflects back on previous blog posts more, utilize the tools shown to us during class in my free time, and not put off the suggestions given to me for a later time. I think that when I am going through my comments and replying, I should be editing my posts at the same time. 

Since we are up to week seven for posts, I think I have earned an average of 4-5 points a week so between twenty-eight to thirty-five points in total. Grade-wise, I believe I am maintaining an A.

From week one to seven, I feel like I have learned and retained a great deal of information but the most would have to be from our previous assignment regarding mmm. page when it came to building a page. Through this assignment alone I learned how to incorporate different types of media into one and utilize my previously learned skills in this class while building a page that is inserting gifs, hyperlinks, videos, and much more. In addition, this assignment was much more deeply on a personal level than any other we have received so I feel like I have also learned some new things about myself and media making on the whole. Such that it can be a very tedious process at times and to always save your work! 

Two new skills that I have developed, cultivated, and displayed regularly in my weekly posts are incorporating hyperlinks and gifs whether I make them myself or they were already existing.  

I assess my performance through self-reflection in this class by checking my comments under each of my posts at least once a week in case my peers or professor have suggested I do something different whether it is formatting, adding links, videos, or asking to explain something with more detail. Another way I assess my performance is by going back to my previous posts to see if I have grown as a “blogger” by keeping my content fresh and trying to think of new ways to spice things up as well as trying to bring a new perspective every week. If things are looking a bit “stale”, I would put some extra thought and effort into that week because I have never been a fan of repetition-especially in my work because then I feel like it lacks pizzazz. 

Before taking this class I did not know ANYTHING that I know now but nonetheless, I will specify. This list includes hyperlinking, embedding videos, creating gifs and memes, utilizing different websites to work on various skills that being the DS106 bank and mmm.page, and most importantly blogging. Now that I do know these things, I feel very enlightened when it comes to the tech world even though these skills are probably the bare minimum. I also feel less confined in the sense that I have options when it comes to expressing myself. It is no longer just instagram and Pinterest. I have various creative outlets that I can go to which is a very liberating feeling especially since I plan to further my knowledge in CT. 

After evaluating my weekly blogs, I do see them expanding creatively. I would say this is the case because I do not hold back in any of my posts when it comes to my thoughts and opinions. In the cases where I do find myself struggling with an assignment, I do not rush myself but give myself time to fully understand and plan my execution. I feel like the only thing that has been a little repetitive was my formatting but I think that I have changed that up a bit in my most recent post (blog five) and found a style that I like.

Unless I count assignment seven, then no. I am not missing any assignments because I will be completing assignment seven right after this. I believe I am commenting on my classmates’ posts but not in the most timely manner. I feel like I should be commenting during the same day or week when the assignment is given and posted up. But I do comment on two of my classmates’ posts for each assignment. I think I could be responding to comments more specifically towards my classmates. As for participating, I make sure that I do during class time whether it is a question, comment, or concern.


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  1. Hey Safiya,
    The way you answered each question is so thoughtful and commendable. I checked your other posts and those are fantastic too. Your blog posts are very organized and colorful texts make it very interesting to read. Great work and keep it up.

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