Are Memes Art?



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Are memes art? Memes can be used as a way to express any type of emotion or feeling just like art intends to do. Just like art, memes contain bright colors and images that catch the attention of the human eye. Individuals can tell their different experiences through the power of memes. According to “If you take a look at the past you can see that art has been used to do the same thing memes do now: bright colorful images that represent an idea.” Memes have become the most common form of self-expression on the World Wide Web.  The Harvard Crimson says “Just as not all art speaks to everyone, memes are much the same.” Memes are so direct and straight-forward to the point of understanding how someone feels in that moment.

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My access and discovery of memes allows me to express how I feel in the moment, I often use memes a lot through texting to convey my reaction to a text or to make someone laugh. Memes allow me to be an open book on the internet.

Since I am a fan of sports and a NY Yankees fan, these are my favorite memes below that express my feelings about the Yankees’2023 season:

yankees suck Memes & GIFs - Imgflip Yankees Lost Play-in Game Which Means They Never Really Made The Playoffs  And They Are A Joke – Turtleboy The Yankees are the "best" yet they haven't won the World Series in over a  decade - Imgflip





Here are some memes that I created about CT 101:

A GIPHY Feeling – Assignment #2

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The first day of CT101 gave me a sense of curiosity about the course and after looking at the syllabus and Professor Seslow breaking down and explaining the course, I felt intrigued. I had an interest in taking CT101 before the semester started. A couple of people I know recommended this class to me after having positive experiences with the class.

CT 101 is much different than my other classes this semester as it can explore our creative juices on the internet. This class can convey the creative and fun side of the internet and that makes me interested. The sky is the limit for this class because of the access to different software to express our creative work. The tools on the internet exist for a reason and they should not be left to waste.

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Happy Internet

As I was lurking through the fine worlds of the World Wide Web this past week, I came across a platform that provides radio stations from around the world. You can even listen to your local radio stations on there. It was a fun experience and I got the chance to listen to different radio stations in different states in the U.S.  I introduce to you, Radio Garden. World Is Yours Rap GIF by niallycat




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