Are Memes Art?

YES, YES YES ! Memes are definitely art. They’re Internet Art, which makes them even more special because everyone is on the internet now. Everyone has seen some classic memes like this one

Other come across memes when they’re trending. Either way memes some of my favorite way of expressing a feeling. That’s what art is all about to be honest and memes help me release stress and they’re…

Some people don’t believe memes are art because they’re so used to seeing painted artworks, photography, sculptures or designs, that they don’t realize that there more outlets of art. Everyone creates art in different ways. Not only to express a feeling but to tell a story, for influence, to highlight a social issue, or to communicate with others.

Yes they are so sit tight and get creative with memes!!




4 thoughts on “Are Memes Art?”

  1. I can’t get enough of this guy in your third meme – “You are telling me memes are here to stay?”
    the expression on his face can literally be used with different texts. And to your point, I believe they are ‘internet art’ because many of us use memes to express ourselves.

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