Assignment #8 – My Domain Registration

My experience of registering my own domain, and setting up my web hosting account was easy as pie.

Nicksplat Thanksgiving GIF by Hey Arnold
I could use a nice piece of apple pie right now

I have decided that my website is going to be about music and the concerts I go to. From the last blog post I had decided on the domain name JaiMusic. However. it was taken…😡

All good though, I used a random website generator and found my new domain name.

I love it! 😍

Excited Steven Universe GIF
Im ready! Lets get to work.

3 thoughts on “Assignment #8 – My Domain Registration”

  1. OK, Cool! (Great GIFs! thank you!)

    Glad to see all is up and running!
    The domain name is still pretty close to the original idea 🙂

    PS – it would be helpful if you would hyperlink the domain for us to have a one click redirect over to there :))) Thank you!

    1. Thank you. I actually like this one better than the original so it all worked out! Also, thanks for the reminder I set the link to the domain name.

  2. Great work Brandan, I am sure you had a lot of fun while creating your domain. Looking forward to seeing your website and some of the concerts you go to.

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