Assigment #9 My Word Press customization

Customizing my website was a bit frustrating because I was undeceive about  what I wanted my website to be. Throughtout the week I decided that I will make a clothing brand website for my friend. I was nervous and excited at the same time because I wanted to help him. However I was nervous because I never created a website before and the idea of creating a website was mind bottling.

After watching the tutorial video, i gained a little confidence and started during my website. First, I chose a solid black background color because I wanted the website to be simple. Then I started working on the homepage. The website have four pages Home, Clothes, Upcoming and About. After hours on working on the website I finally did it, I was able to complete my website. My website name is A-TOWNCLOTHING.COM

A screenshot of my website home page


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