Assignment #1- Internet Happiness

Hello Everyone !

Today I’m happy to talk about what the internet has that brings me happiness. Online were able to share things with others and have it influence us in any way it can.

Growing up I was not able to have the clothes/ sneakers that I liked because my family couldn’t provide as much as they could. But growing up I also had the internet showing me sneakers that recently have came out or clothes that would be great to put together. I would use this to set a goal for myself and make up for the times where I couldn’t get much as a kid. Now I am a college student being able to provide for myself so looking at these great people who have found different ways to style clothes gave me the idea to change and discover unique outfits.

An example of a page on instagram that I check on daily to influence my outfits for any occasion is called “Wizard Kelly Fits”. He’s able to go to other peoples pages and introduce their fits to others without showing their faces just to take precautions.

To check it out yourself his page is :


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