Assignment #10 – Exploring WordPress

You know that Dinosaur game you play on google when you have no internet. Yes, it’s on my website thanks to a plugin available. 😎 There are actually other games you can add to your website as well, you should go check it out. So that’s what I worked(and played) on this week.

Come visit my website and play while you listen to the song of the week!

Have you ever been in the car listening to the radio turning the knob of FM radio looking for any decent song? But all the radio stations are playing the same ole songs from 10 years ago or they are literally all playing the same songs over and over. I feel you, I’ve stooped listening to the radio long ago and only listen to GOODMUSIC and music that is food for the soul. Come check out my WELCOME post on my new website. Come join our community where we vibe and share GOODMUSIC only. Feel free to share anything about music; your favorite song, artist, or concert you have ever been to. Under my new welcome blog post.

Headphones Listening To Music GIF
How I be like. 😂

6 thoughts on “Assignment #10 – Exploring WordPress”

  1. Great!
    Thank you for the thoughtful post and the allure to visit your website!
    Im excited that you found some Gaming plug-ins!
    There is so much to discover and so much to learn in the process, I have been tinkering for so many years and just keep learning!
    Now I want to play a game!

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