Assignment #10- Progress on Jida Styles

Hi besties, we’re in our final month of the semester and I’ve been avoiding my website

It’s not that I didn’t want to do it, it was just overwhelming because there is just SO many things to explore within WordPress!

But after two days of exploring (I still didn’t;t get through everything), I figured out somethings I liked and didn’t like.

I started off with my website using the new block editor instead of the Classic editor, but I felt like an odd ball and wanted to use the editor the Prof. Seslow suggested. BUT I ended up liking the new block editor because I became more comfortable with it.

As for plug-ins,

I downloaded a lot of Fonts, however, some of them were not compatible with the 2021 theme OR they were just complicated to instal *rolls eyes*.

This was literally my face after I gave up with the process.

However, I really want to change the fonts on my pages so I might take another shot at it again, to please my aesthetic urge.

1 thought on “Assignment #10- Progress on Jida Styles”

  1. Excellent!
    Thanks so much for this update!
    Wordpress is indeed.. Down the Rabbit Hole! There is just so much that can done and whilst being exposed in a class like ours.. we will run out of time, however! You can easily keep going, keep exploring and tweaking and discovering! I have been at it with WordPress since 2008!
    Thank you!

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