Assignment #2- GIF Tales

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For this semester, I wanted to have a majority of my classes to be beneficial to my career. Even after discussing my courses with my advisor, I still put great thought into these courses. This course will help me with the UI design for my blog. Currently, my blog is incredibly bland. It’s functional, but all in all, it won’t attract people to read my work. Perhaps I’m a tad bit hard on myself.


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Part of me had thought that I grew out of being nervous on the first days, but yeah, like most of you, I was also reasonably nervous. Luckily I quickly shook it off. Primarily due to the fact of me learning that my professor was deaf. It made me think, “This man has to teach an online class while being deaf?! The heck do I have to be nervous for?” I truly respect his bravery and dedication to his interests. However, I wonder if he was born deaf or if it had happened later in his life. Hopefully, it’s not too personal of a question to ask.

 Me sharing my class experience with you all

Being a creative, this course’s very hands-on creative teaching style is right up my alley. Truly a much-needed counterbalance to my schedule for this semester. My collection of classes for this semester are a gradual scale of academic flexibility now that I think about it. This course being the most flexible. In addition to that, this course has a great sense of community. While I’m not exactly friends with anybody in this course, I feel camaraderie with my classmates. Mind you, my definition of “friend” is more nuanced than most people. For me, a comrade is an upgraded version of an acquaintance. The difference being, a comrade is someone I see/interact with frequently due to being in a team setting (school, work, sport, etc.). While an acquaintance is someone who I barely see, barely know, but I do know of them. Hopefully, this makes sense. If you’d like to, we could discuss friendship.


Potentially, this course has great potential to be fundamental to our mental. Jokes aside, this course definitely has the potential to form new friendships amongst us classmates. Typically, most students tend to ignore the others if we were on campus, which I understand. Still, it does make the overall class experience rather dull. Covid did somewhat fix this issue. It caused everyone to make a group chat for their classes, which brings in some sort of community but not as potent as this. This feels like we built it, y’know? Even if we don’t end up this way, we could gain the potential of being more efficient when speaking with deaf people.


I hold this class in high regard. This course, class, whatever is the next step forward towards telling my story. Oddly, part of me feels like I’m genuinely progressing as a person because of this class. Maybe not cause of this class but, this class certainly makes me feel that way.

1 thought on “Assignment #2- GIF Tales”

  1. Great work!
    Really love the storytelling and self-reflection that you have put into this post.
    I feel that you can keep going and add much more, and we will chat about this in class this week, its good stuff to come!
    I love points that you made about friendships, and the course functioning as a community, that is my intention, all courses have that potential but someone or something needs to set the tone for it to happen, organically.
    Im very open and transparent about my Deafness. I was born this way 🙂 but it is also hereditary in my family and has progressed and degenerated over time – this link will help and hopefully also be inspiring –

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