Assignment #2 How I feel about CT101 so far..

On my first day of CT101, I was really nervous. I took bus 201 two semesters ago and I really had a terrible experience with the class. So I thought CT101 was going to be the same. 

Me before joining the first zoom meeting of CT101.









I like what I was hearing at the first zoom meeting. The entire semester will be taught online. No textbook, quizzes, exams, or mid-terms. Also, students can work at their own pace.

Me after the zoom meeting.







So far this class is amazing. The assignments are interesting and fun, unlike my Bus 201 class. I really enjoyed doing my first blog. I love using Giphy now.

This how I feel about CT 101 !

I believe CT101 can help me improve my computer skills. Also, it is a good course to put on my resume.


1 thought on “Assignment #2 How I feel about CT101 so far..”

  1. Ok! Good work so far!
    I like the sequence of GIFs and the narratives under each GIF.
    We need to add more context for our reader by adding other supported media types like Video – you can embed videos from youtube or vimeo – with a description – or images, we discussed screen shots a few times in our zoom sessions for that trick 🙂 – also, we learned how to create MEMEs, perhaps a few static memes are a good way to extend your storytelling – and of course, a must, each post must have a series of hyperlinked content to show where our resources and references are coming from.
    Best, part, your posts are 100% editable and can be added to!

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