I liked the concept of this assignment.

I think I can successfully complete the assignment that I have hyperlinked above.

I am trying to tell a story using a common belief believed by brown parents. Can you guess the story?

I have chosen to complete this assignment above because firstly, I think I have acquired the skills to complete it successfully. Also, this is a digital storytelling course and I thought let’s tell a story by using GIFs.

As I was browsing the two websites, all the assignments seemed interesting and fun to do.  Above, I have completed an assignment I already knew how to do. But I would love to learn how to complete this assignment. It looks really interesting!

I think these skills will be greatly useful for us technology students in future. But as I am new to learning technologies, I am not sure which skills are necessary to complete this assignment successfully. There should be a particular software that we can use. These skills are important to have because we are here to learn communicating using technologies. And I think this should be an useful skill for a Communications Technology student to have how to replace the audio of a music video with different audio.

3 thoughts on “ASSIGNMENT#4 (DS106 ASSIGNMENT REPOSITORY) by Sajani Sufian”

  1. Hey Sajani I’m not sure if I’ll be right but I think the story is something along the lines of “at a certain age you will be able to do whatever you want” but once you get to that age your parents still don’t let you do it? Although I may not be right I liked the assignment you chose I think it would be very fun to do.

  2. Good work!
    This is coming along really well! I love the GIF storytelling sequences, but please give us context, help the narrative by giving us descriptions or if you are asking to guess then lead us through the storytelling and bring us to the bottom of the post and give the answers 🙂 – perhaps a hyperlink to a similar story or technique would also help the post. Good work, and the second assignment looks good too!

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