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I like this assignment called “Populate the Landscape” because it allows you to transform any Bob Ross painting into your own by adding characters.

I like this project called “Creepy Anime Eye” because I’m a fan of anime and I watch regularly. I love anime eyes and I always imagined how people would look with anime eyes. I choose to complete this assignment in full because I find it fun to play with filters and use image editors. I took a picture of my younger sister with anime oversized eyes.

The completed version of the ” Creepy Anime Eye” assignment on my little sister.


Mastering how to execute digital storytelling projects can help students become more effective storytellers and multimedia designers. Students can learn technical literacy skills and possess a greater understanding of all aspects of the curriculum by working on these assignments.  

We should at least do five of these projects during this semester to build efficient storytelling skills while using new tools.  

Digital storytelling abilities are significant because they involve successful technology integration and learning. It also creates an emotional connection while boosting the ease with which content can be shared. Digital storytelling improves students’ analytical thinking and multimedia skills.  Learning digital storytelling skills is important because they are a unique type of self-expression that may also be utilized as a marketing technique and raise awareness of global concerns. Having these skills can help you express your feelings about things and encourage them to think about topics in new and exciting ways. Using social media to engage with consumers in innovative ways that resonate with your market and set you apart may benefit your organization. 


Top 10 anime of 2020:




3 thoughts on “Assignment #4 – DS106 Assignment Repository”

  1. Good work!
    Wow, I love the portrait, and its OK to make more than 1 example! Imagine if you had a whole series of 5 or more! Perhaps this technique can also be applied to some of your favorite people who inspire you as well?
    Lets always ask the question, how can I push the creative boundaries of the assignment. Where have you seen something similar? Hmm, for example, you mentioned anime in your post but did not share any images or videos of the anime that you like. Sharing a video, and 2 images and a hyper link to those things will really help give the reader a bit more context and insight into your post. Lets get that added when you can! Thanks so much for the great progress each week!

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