Assignment #2- Making my own GIF post

How this class makes me feel…

My favorite tv show is One piece so i just had to post a Gif of Luffy doing something idiotic lol , i saw another post with someone reacting using One piece Gifs so its cool to see other fans as well.

Honesty I really love that this class lets us explore our creative side and communicate on a level that we can more relate to. Ive responded to plenty  of boring discussion boards during my academic experience that all began with “I completely agree and liked how you…”  however this feels great for a change.

When i find out there is an assignment due, this is what goes on in my brain… There is no giphy more relatable to tension than Spongebob or Mr.Crabs in panic mode. There was one giphy funny as hell that i wanted to include but i was upset its only a meme.

When i find out our homework assignment is learning to make Giphy’s.


This currently is the stage of life i’m in, all i can think about is damn chicken tenders and fries. I have been given the worst ultimatum of all time… food or fitness. I might have to side with Joey on this one.


3 thoughts on “Assignment #2- Making my own GIF post”

  1. Thank you for a good laugh, Anil! I enjoyed reading your blog post. What made me laugh was the Spongebob meme, can’t say I’ve ever seen it before! I love Spongebob. One thing we have in common, chicken nuggets. My friends believe I will become one, its my favorite snack. Personally, they should sponsor me.

  2. I also love One Piece and made my gif about Luffy he does the most ridiculous and funny things. I like your post and how it expresses how you feel especially with the homework reaction.

  3. I liked your post it was funny and interesting, the use of the memes to describe your life at the moment was creative.

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