Assignment #3 Are Internet Memes ART?

Art consists of painting or sculpture, the representation or operation of human imaginative talent and creativity creates works to be admired mainly for their beauty or emotional strength.

An aspect of a culture or behavioral mechanism that can be considered to be transmitted by non-genetic means from one person to another, especially imitation. A humorous picture, video, piece of text, etc and, distributed easily by Internet users.

What is Meme ART? After  analyzing both definitions of what art and memes are I can cnconcule that anything that consists of images are art, by adding words and significance the image weather ist moving or still it can become a meme. Oftentimes come from funny interactions with something or someone that many have a reaction to.


I believe memes are Art. 

3 thoughts on “Assignment #3 Are Internet Memes ART?”

  1. I do agree with you that art is anything that consist of Image. An image could express the way someone feels. The first meme is definitely how it be when you wake up for CT101.

  2. You are absolutely correct, all images are art and when it comes to adding words to it, it becomes a meme. I feel that sometimes the added words help emphasize on a particular feeling/emotion the artist wants to convey. For example, without the words on some images, a particular emotion may be lost; except when it is done intentionally to allow the viewer to make subjective connections with the art. Nice one!

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