Assignment #4 DS 106

Assignment #4 DS 106


Assignment #4 DS 106

My emotions are all over the place

I’m doing my best to run this race

I know that I am at a slow pace

But I know I’ll show my face

Bored Over It GIF

I choose this ghif because at times trying to figure out what I am doing can be so exhausting, and

Excuse Me Reaction GIF by Bounce

I need to learn more patience 

Patience is a virtue

There are so many different projects that I need to be doing this semester. This builds my internet muscles

There have been assignments given in this class that have been hair raising.

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But……..the more the merrier.  Practice makes perfect.

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I feel like Lois Lane from “The Adventures of Superman”

This class is awe inspiring and an adventure all rolled up in one beautiful gift/ gif/ package! Get it?

All of the skills taught are of the utmost importance and will forever be cherished. They are tools that will always have use and value for during my walk of life.

Sometimes it’s like trying to teach an old dog new tricks.

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  1. Thank you!
    This is a great way to express and share the outcome to the this assignment!
    Did you forget to hyperlink to the ds106 assignment? Im looking for it but only see the screenshot (which is great that you included it!)
    We can add the hyperlink to this in out class this week!
    Thank you!

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