Assignment #4- DS106 Fun

I selected this assignment because I thought it would be really fun to make. I had taken AP art history back in high school so I thought it would be cool to take a classic painting that I liked and make it come to life. The painting “The Two Fridas” (1939) by Frida Kahlo shows a bond by the vein that connects both Fridas. One is weakened by an exposed heart and still yearns for her lost love while the other is strong and clamps down on that figurative and literal tie with a hemostat. There are so many small details within the painting I think that’s one of the reasons I picked the assignment.

My first outcome for this assignment is posted above. I used Giphy to do the assignment, since we have used it before I thought it would be great to work with it again. I was very satisfied with the outcome because it looks like the idea I had in mind. Giphy is quickly becoming a very useful tool and anyone can learn to use it which is great. There were so many stickers that I could choose from which I liked. 

This assignment also seemed very fun to do. But I just know I can’t do it right now because first I have to learn how to cut clips and then put them together. I’m still having difficulty remembering every step to make a good post, although it will definitely take some time. I think I will learn how to complete the assignment. Thinking ahead of time I think I’ll do the movie Coraline since it’s one of my favorite stop-motion animated movies. I think I should do at least one of the assignments for each category, they all have different tools needed to complete them which would help me figure out different types of methods. I think these skills are important at least to me because they are online. In other words, as we saw through the pandemic almost everything was moved to online. I think the skills could be useful for my career as a journalist and also could be useful to get into different hobbies. 

2 thoughts on “Assignment #4- DS106 Fun”

  1. Great work on this! But WOW! That animation is so sticky and contagious! haha, I cant stop watching it loop!
    It would be great if you could a lil description on the process about how you made the GIF, a lil’ tutorial would be super helpful for our classmates to see the process.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hey, I love your amination of Frida Kahlo. I always admired Frida because she was different in she wasn’t ashamed of her unibrow, many maybe teased her for that but she always embraced her unibrow.

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