Assignment #4 – Music Mashup

I found two awesome projects to do.

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The first project was a dream visualization. This project is simple, you just have to take a recent dream or nightmare you’ve had and make a visual representation of it for others to see. Dreams fascinate me, I love telling people about dreams I have and analyzing why I had such dreams. So that’s why I liked this project. I’m not really good at visual art such as drawing or even digital art I would say. I would need to learn how to shake that mindset off and to put my dream into a visual representation. I would probably go do this project digitally. I do think that making art in any physical form is important for your mind to express its feelings and such. I could see myself doing this project multiple times when I have vivid dreams.

I certainly think that we should do these types of projects a couple of more times this semester. These projects allow you to use the skills you have, to think outside the box, to develop new skills, to learn new tools to create stories, and to overall improve your storytelling. Storytelling is very important for everyone to explore because everyone has a story to be told.

The project that I had the skills to do was the music mashup project. For this project, I had to pick any two songs and combine them to make one song. At York I took music production classes so, I knew what to do. Making music and listening to it is a favorite that’s why I liked this project. I was very excited about this one thus, I choose this one to complete.

So for my music mash-up project, I used GarageBand to mix up the songs. I first had to find mp3 versions of the two songs I wanted to use. The two songs were Come Through and Chill by Migues and Midnight Blues by Umi.  I took snippets of each part I wanted to use and I aligned each part up so the timing would match. It took some trial and error but it finally sounded how I wanted it to sound.

Here is the final product! Enjoy 🙂


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  1. Excellent!
    Great work on this post!
    Im glad that you enjoyed the process and discovering assignment prompts using DS106!
    Much more of that to come! If possible, add a screen shot of the assignment prompts to give a bit more context to the post, it really helps 🙂

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