Assignment 6: It’s Recap Time


It’s time for another weekly blog!

You know sometimes it’s good to look back and reflect on your old work. Just like what I’m doing today. CT101 so far is a really fun class, learning how to write a blog and it is such a fun experience. I am doing pretty well learning and improving what I am lacking on this website.

Personally I felt like I’d learn how to make a blog.. duhhhh. Writing a blog is actually relaxing since at first I was stiff and uncomfortable with how to express myself in blogging but after this class, I feel more open. Also, I learned how to use memes more effectively, yeah I could use them for humor but with CT101 I can effectively use better memes to tell a story and it became a form of art for me.

Looking back at my old work, I barely wrote when I did it wasn’t like me. it felt stiff and short.  Now, it’s more in-depth and personal and more fun to look back at.  With this self-reflection, I personally feel like my performance is better now compare to before taking this class. I do think that when I write for other classes I am more open to myself rather than giving bland answers just to answer. Now I talk more and am more personal.

Also, surprisingly enough I got smarter when it comes to using memes.

Yeah man, now I use my brain to use memes that my friends laugh at more since they understood the references. I feel like I got a big brain.

Even though I post a lot, I do not comment on a lot of my other classmates’ posts. I want to improve on that since I do read everyone’s post but I just forget to comment on it and all of you guys rock.

Overall, I do believe I would have an A or a B+ in this class because I’m having so much fun in this class, and reading everyone’s work is so fun too. I think I do great in this class with my work I give it 100 percent but just need to work on commenting on my classmates’ work.

Well, I think I spoke enough for today’s post here’s a random fun fact; avocados are deadly to birds. So if you know someone that owns a bird, tell them. Until next time!!!


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