Assignment #8: It’s Domain name Time!!!!!

Setting this up was very easy although I attribute it to our professor and his infinite patience XD.


Because I went into this process already knowing what domain name I wanted to use (see previous blog post), the rest was just following along with the step-by-step process we were being taught. Since I was one of the people that attended this class in person, I don’t have screenshots of the process, unfortunately. I do, however, remember most of the steps. It started with us going on to reclaim hosting and choosing our domain name. which was easy.

Did you have a name already for this step? If so, did you ever rethink your name during this process?
The next step was to validate my name (which worked fine because no one else had it) and add identity protection. With all of that together, we moved on to the cart section where the total was a whopping $45!!!!!!
As a college student, seeing anything you have to pay for causes immediate stress and pain.
Luckily our professor had us covered by including the price of this in our fee for the class so we got a promo code and didn’t have to pay anything.
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Once we got our promo code and put them in, the total became $0 and I think the entire class breathed a collective sigh of relief XD. After that, the only thing left to do was fill out all the info they were asking for (address, government names, and all that). The professor walked us through the process of how to download WordPress (which was a simple few clicks) and then we were free to explore on our own.
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With that, we were done with the process. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t think to take screenshots of this but it was a simple one that is easy to follow. Well, until next time….
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  1. Great!
    Infinite Patience! Thank you!
    (its more like infinite typos when I try to type anything as everything has 1000 errors! – haha)
    Great work, and very cool to recall the domain / hosting process through blogging this way!
    Much more to come this week. Thank you!

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