assignment #7: “mid” semester reflection & domain naming

okay so we’re a little past the middle of the semester but better late than never, right?

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to be 100% honest, i would probably, at this very moment in time, grade myself at around a  C+ in this class because i have missed quite a few lectures (although I have been assured its not the end of the world 🙂 ) and am also missing some assignments. i am missing assignments 6, 9 and 10. but as far as 9 and 10 go, i already have my domain up and running, i just need to write my posts for the ct101 site.

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when i upload my missing assignments i think i will be deserving of a high B or an A in the class as even though my blog posts are late, they are of good quality. i try my best to follow the prompts and incorporate a lot of media and hyperlinks and i also try to grow my posts with every submission.

if you want to see my old posts, you can find them here, and here, and here, and here, and here. 🙂

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now that we got that out of the way, here are some thoughts about the class:

  1. i am incredibly thankful for the flexibility it has given me. as a student with a full school schedule, a job and many hobbies, this class has gifted me some extra free time due to professor seslow’s willingness to accommodate and accept late submissions.
  2. i have become more open to the internet through completing these assignments. i am incredibly excited for creating posts and running my website, i am slowly but surely getting the hang of word press and am thoroughly enjoying the research and writing component of the blogs posts i am drafting.
  3.  it was encouraging to look through the ds106 assignment repository and the daily create and see people really engaging with their creativity and posting it online for others to enjoy or draw inspiration from. i’ve always enjoyed creating art but i often times put an added pressure on myself to be original and end up feeling like i’m not a creative person when i can not come up with or execute an original idea. i’ve learned that its perfectly fine to draw inspiration from others and that’s how you’re going to find the idea that suits you best for the time, art is so much more fun with guidelines but without stupid rules  you create for yourself.
  4. blogging is fun but like all things, its not as easy as it seems. whenever  i work with a new medium, i get severely humbled during the process. i have a newfound respect for people who can seamlessly maneuver internet tools and not have to rewatch the tutorial 10 times (maybe that only applies to a small demographic but i don’t know ) and for people who have designed even the simplest websites.

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now let’s talk about my website:

obviously, i have already picked a domain name which was 

this was not my first idea for it though, obviously. my first thought for my website name was and then i thought of (i should probably tell you at this point that luba is a nickname of mine most of friends call me)

but i felt limited by both of those options- what if i did not want to write about just linguistics but just about language? then i moved to options to like or i liked the direction i was heading towards but still unsatisfied then i went from corner to quest and was still unsure about but i ended up going with it.

i like the decision i made because it gives me the flexibility to make the blog posts about whatever i want in the scope of language. the way i see it, my quest is to not only teach others on the internet about language but also to learn myself. my “quest” can encompass all aspects of learning a language- posts about grammar rules, posts about my opinion of languages or linguistics, tips for studying etc.

none of that feels off limits for me because i did not pick such a confining domain name whereas if i stuck with,  i would not have such creative freedom.

i am currently working on two posts; one about a polyglot’s language learning method and one about the intricacies of polish grammar. i am very excited and will keep you guys posted as to when they are up.


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