Week #10 – WordPress Customizing Fun

Week #10 – The WordPress Customizing Series, Part 1!

Zoom recording from class on 11/9:


Passcode: fpnY&eb8

This week in CT101 we will be focusing on getting everyone customizing their new websites! The coupon code that you need to get started was sent last week to your York e-mail address. By now, many of you have gotten started, you have a new registered domain name, a web hosting account, and a website framework (wordpress) ready to be built and customized! Ill be helping here with the customizing process of WordPress. This part will have multiple aspects to it. There is a lot to share, create and test. The process is experimental, fun and will take a few weeks as you make several visual and functionality decisions about how you would like your website to look and flow. Keep in mind, we are designing our site so that others can navigate to it and through it easily, so good design plays a big role here.

The customizing of your website will play out in context to “how” you also plan to use your new website.

**Assignment #9 – Assignment Details:

Lets publish a NEW blog post this week that shares your 1st series of website building / customizing progress. What did you work on this week? What changes did you make? What aspects were fun or easy, and what aspects were difficult or hard to troubleshoot through? Think of this post as a “tutorial” for yourself and by writing out your steps, the ambition is to retain them and also review them.  Make a statement (or a series of statements) about HOW you will be using your new website as we go forward. Will your website be a specific project or a series of many things all brought together into one space? You can brainstorm in this post too just by free writing how you feel about that. You can publish that post here on the CT101 class site and add a “Link” to your new site, and also publish the post on your new site too.

My ambition (prof) is to make a new series of “how-to” class videos on the wordpress customizing process and also share some helpful curated content from the Internet as we go. We will be discussing HOW we will all be using our websites individually, just to mention again 🙂

But WAIT! You cant do anything listed above unless you have done this: -> Domain Name Registration, Hosting Set Up & WordPress Installation! <- Please read this important post to get started! (from last week)

Im going to focus on using a popular new WordPress theme called “Twenty-Twenty-One” – this theme is extremely versatile and is great for wordpress newbies and beginners. I highly suggest that you consider using this theme (it comes with wordpress when you install it upon setting up the hosting account). All themes are different, and many of them out there promoted on the Internet are not free (plus, its always helpful to start with a theme that has a good amount of video documentation that already exists.)

More to come!