Assignment #9 customizing my website

Assignment #9 customizing my website

The semester is coming to an end, and my college life is reaching its completion. Soon I will be graduating and moving on to start my career. But most importantly, I am happy I was able to take CT101 in my final semester and officially become a website owner.

It might not be easy, but it was fun building and customizing my new website. Following the professor zoom video, I was able to go back and forth to make sure I was doing it correctly. Still, I realized the professor wanted to see something unique that had the same idea but done differently, so I started customizing using my imagination of how I wanted my website to look.

I started working on deleting all defaults pages and website structure. I put most of my focus into testing rather than just posting or making a change. I wanted to learn more about WordPress, so I started testing all columns I could access.

Once I deleted all the website default pages, I used the customizing button to start my journey.

Starting with site identity, I searched and customized my logo, gave my site a title, and picked a unique site icon.

Looking for the correct background that allowed my website visitors to observe all content was not easy. It took me some time to set a background picture that I felt was calm and beautiful at the same time.

What I felt was most important was organizing my menu. I was undecided about what to blog about, and I kept adding and deleting pages on my primary menu.

Moving on to the dashboard was also fun there. I learned how to navigate through my website, how to post pages and new blogs. Also, there were so many helpful tools users able to use to enhance their website.


As we advance, I will brainstorm some useful blogs that will allow me to share my daily routines with the rest of my class. I am also planning to use this website to enable people to learn about my home country Yemen. On this website, people would see beautiful places from Yemen along with some history.

Since we are owners of the website, let’s keep in mind what George Washinton once said



3 thoughts on “Assignment #9 customizing my website”

  1. Excellent!
    This is looking great so far and I appreciate seeing your process explained here! I find that writing tutorials about our process is super helpful in retaining the learning!
    My tutorials are by no means “what I expect” from everyone. the beauty is in seeing the many many iterations and approaches that develop and show up over time. Im hoping that sharing the process will inspire everyone to apply there own creativity and customizations that lead to the desired communication.
    Great work and ohhh this is your last semester! Congrats to you in advance!

    1. Hello Prof, Thank you for your kind words. And yes, working on customizing the website can bit challenging but fun at the same time. I realized I could do a lot with the website, it does take some time, but the results are worth the time and the hard work.

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