Assignment#5: Creativity

Creativity for me is seeing something for more than what it is and more than what its labeled to be. While a lot of people will tell you to “think outside of the box,” that can make things harder than they need to be. Sometimes it’s hard to say where my creativity comes from when I work on certain things whether it is a coding project or if I am playing a game of basketball and there is a play I want to try doing. But one thing that I noticed about myself is that the more I enjoy doing something the more creative I seem to get in whatever it is that I am doing. As for Immediacy and Intuition in my opinion work well together because with immediacy you can be involved in something very fast and to do that you need to have good intuition which is understanding what you’ll be getting involved with.

My mmm page is very basic and I could not seem to put much creativity in it even though I know what I wanted to show but to bring it out onto the page is a lot harder than I thought. I put everything there which I think is fine and I picked things which interest me, and I hope that they might be of liking to others.

Using the mmm website was very straightforward and the small tips they gave were very helpful in creating what I wanted and it has many different options for customizing the pages. It was also very easy to pick up which was very helpful as I was able to not stress about how to do certain things on the website. I ended up using a lot of different small chibi (“Japanese slang word describing something short”) gifs of One Piece.