Assignment #12 CT101 Final Blog Post

CT101 Final Blog Post/ Nader Nagi 

It is the time of the year, Christmas approaching, and a whole new year is ready to come. For college students, we all know these last two weeks of December are where we work and study extra hard for our finals to make sure we get the best grades possible for our hard work and dedication.

Nevertheless, it is my last and final week as an undergrad, and I can say that these past five years have been a successful, teachable journey: many successes, failures, sleepless nights, tears, happiness, and many other memorable moments. I recall certain times when I wanted to give up, thinking about dropping out of college. However, I can proudly share with everyone in CT 101 that giving up is not an option when you have a dream, and here I am at the edge of my dreams.

But wait, let me not be so happy for now because I still have my only and final work post for CT 101. So, please come with me and share my overall opinion on CT 101. In this post, I will give you a detailed recap of everything I’ve learned, earned, and completed for CT 101, so please feel free to share your opinion about my work, and if I deserve a good grade for my work.

CT 101 “Digital art” is a class that allows its students to share their imaginations, expression, and feeling through storytelling using random pictures, videos, gifs, memes, and many other fun platforms. Here I am writing my final graded assignment for CT 101. I will conclude my semester experience with CT 101 as the most interesting, valuable, entertaining class I’ve ever enrolled in while attending York College.

For now, let me share the type of project and assignment I was required to do, let’s start off with

Assignment #1- Happy on the Internet – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

(To share what makes you happy on the internet)

Assignment #2 stressful first week of classes- How I feel about CT 101. – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

(To share and express your thoughts about CT 101 in the first week using Gifs and Imgur, as well as sharing some of the histories of Gifs)

Assignment #3 To MEME or not to MEME- The Art of MEME’s – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

(To share the searched information about the existence of MEME’s. TO MEME or NOT to MEME.)

Assignment #4- DS106 – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

(Using DS 106 Assignment Repository, Pick two topics and recreate the assignment using your own style)

Assignment #5 – Digital Art Making Immediacy – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

(Using the, share and express what makes you and inspires you to be who you are today)

Assignment #6- The Mid- Semester Assessment Post – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

(Recap on all of the above assignment)

Assignment #7 Domain Names – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

(thought on the type of Domain names you would like to use for your websites)

Assignment #8 – Domain Name Registration, Hosting Set-Up & WordPress Installation! – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

(register the domain using the free coupons, set up and install WordPress into your first and official website)

Assignment #9 customizing my website – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

(Customize your website as you wish to be observed by others, Pages, posts, categories, installations, and navigating the menus)

Assignment#10 My beautiful Yemen – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

( your first post on your new website)

Assignment # 11 Social Media N’ WordPress – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

(to share the website URL and progress, comment and share your thoughts about others websites)

Through these great posts, I can say I have enjoyed learning about all types of fun Giphy, memes, Imgur,, DS106, and all the history that relates to each of the above. However, what I enjoyed the most has become one of my most remarkable skills. Some of these skills are creating Gifs and using the photopea website to recreate imaginary objects the way I want to make them look. Check MY Assignment #4- DS106 – CT101 Digital Storytelling ( and look at “the concert you want to be at.”  

Another fun, enjoyable, valuable skill I’ve learned, is of course, how to register a domain and start building a website. This skill will allow me to make money, help others promote their business, and stay up with the technical building.

Will I maintain my new website? Of course, even though this website started as a school assignment, the professor gave us full ownership of the website, and I will take full advantage of the opportunities. It may not sound like a great, successful idea for now, but magics happen, and someone from this class might become a millionaire simply by using their new website as their future business. 

I shared many posts, videos, and photos of Yemen on my website this website, I will continue to inspire and inform everyone about Yemen’s lovely culture and traditions and ignore the negative perspective gained from the news. I will continue to post some historical events, places, cities, trips, and many other fun activities that I can accomplish while in Yemen through this website.

The main question of this post is, do I deserve an A grade? Yes, I believe I deserve this grade. Let me show you why. Looking back at my posts, many will agree that I have developed a new style each week; my post has become more creative, fun, and enjoyable to read. Of course, I can’t simply grade myself because I will be biased, but look at some of my professor’s comments that have encouraged me to work harder and perform my best work every week.

when I ask if I deserve the A

Here are some of the comments 

Epic post! Thank you so much for the thoughtful crafting of this post! Indeed a work of art itself! I really love the memes that you have created, and curated here. I love the use of context, hyperlinking to essays and other student’s posts to! Plus the mention of DOGE! This is what we come here for! Well done! Great work, and really nice example for our classmates!”

Excellent work on this! Thank you so much for the thoughtful and well crafter response! This is great example for all to refer to! Thank you for the kind words about the course, there is so much more to come! Keep rockin’ it!”

This is the beauty of seeing each other work in process, contrast, and more contrast, and more…Thank you for the really great posts each week! You have developed a “style” in your blogging!”

These comments made my day when I was reading through them, so I decided to work harder and show the skills I’ve learned from Professor Ryan. 

Aside from the posts and skills I developed from CT 101. I was a very active student. I read through my classmate’s work and shared my opinion about their posts. I was active during the lectures by asking questions and clarification when I was confused with something. 

To ensure that I deserve the A grade, let me take you on tour through my website to observe the work and skills I’ve developed while building my website. 

Home Page

It is the home page of my website. It includes my website logo, an organized menu that provides a home page, blog, about, history, and photography, as well as a brief introduction to my website.

Also, on the home page, I included a brief introduction about Yemen and a photo of my beautiful home city Ibb. I also used the home page to remind visitors to look at other posts in the history section.

Of course, let’s not forget about the blog section where most of the work will post. The blog section gives the website visitors a hint about the type of projects that have been posted.

The history section of my website will include historical information about my home country Yemen. As we can see from the above picture we can see a historical introduction about the Shahara Bridge.

The second post is about the beautiful Socotra Island, on this post, visitors will experience the magical moments of observing some of the most beautiful photos of Socotra.  

The third post gives my website visitors a taste of Yemen’s most knowing locations such as Bab Alyemen, Rock palace, Sab Kindom, Hadhramaut kingdom, and the old city of Sanna.

Finally, let’s not forget to look at the about section that includes a few paragraphs introduction about who I am and what I share on my website.

The process of building a website was precious. I was able to learn so much about building a website, adding pages, and playing with the website’s format. It was so much fun but challenging to complete, it took time and courage to complete, but the results were outstanding.

My current usage of the website is to share some of the stunning history and pictures of Yemen, but soon, I will also add more creative posts about NY, Sport, Art, cars, and other stuff related to my everyday activities.

Sadly, this is my last post in CT 101, and I would like to give a special thanks to the most fantastic professor Ryan. His way of teaching was incredible, fun, and totally different from the other professor. His lectures were well organized, clear, and straightforward.

It’s hard to say, but it must be said, Good Bye everyone. I wish you all a happy holiday and a successful future. It was great meeting you all.

5 thoughts on “Assignment #12 CT101 Final Blog Post”

  1. Nader!
    Thank You!
    1st and foremost, Congrats on your graduation!
    CT101 will miss you and Im certain that you will be dubbed a CT101 legend for your amazing work this semester! And believe me, students will always look back for the most helpful and inspiring examples to also learn from!
    You have have exceeded all expectations on this final post, it is one of the best I have seen to date!
    Thank you so much for your commitment to our class across all criteria! Aside from your wonderfuly well crafted and very stylized blogging, you gave so much help, insight and support to our fellow classmates along the way! Thank You!
    I really love your website and YES, there is so much potential in having a site of one’s own and how it can be used to build a community there! You have given me an education on the beautiful country of Yemen! Thank you!
    Keep going on all fronts!
    You have easily an A+ in this course!
    Have a wonderful holiday!

    1. OMG, I am speechless, I have no words that describe my current excitement. Thank you very much professor, thank you for the wonderful semester, and thank you for the A+.

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