Website ideas goals

This is something I’d never considered before, and I’m not sure I’ll include it in any of my future ventures, but imagining it seems like fun. My new websites will cover a wide range of topics. It’ll be similar to Reddit, except that people will contribute their thoughts and conversations to the talk.  I’d like to create a website for people who enjoy watching Korean dramas, anime, and even British dramas. I’d write a weekly blog on whatever shows I’d seen that week, and people might comment or have a discussion about what they thought about the show. It’ll be something akin to an online rant by fans of the genre. Thinking about this idea, I believe it would be enjoyable if I was committed to it.

These are sites that inspire me to create my own websites.

This is one of my few favorite blog posts or websites because it informs me about new shows to watch, which is relevant to my interests. It will also encourage me to engage with other people online and share our common interests.



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  1. I like your website idea but I think we’re all a bit of something and because i also watch anime sometimes I think I would have fun with a website like yours. Personally, i don’t have that many websites that inspire me and it is difficult to find one so looking at yours peeked my interests too.

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