Domain Name

I’ve recently got into reading manga and would like to create a website where I can share my Ideas on the ones I like. Some of the mangas I like Fire Punch, Berserk, Attack On Titan, and One Piece. I’m having troubling trying to come up with ideas for a domain name but I’m sure one will come to me eventually.

I’m also interested in financial literacy and would like to educate others who are interested in learning how to handle their money better so they can benefit in the long run. Some domain names I had were:

My other interests deal with films and filmmaking but I would need to do more research about this topic as well as how movies are produced, published, written and directed.




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  1. Those are some interesting ideas. Film-making is a cool thing. Wanting to educate others is always a good thing. Manga reading is something I do myself. I used to read AOT, for one piece I just watch the show but I’m thinking of reading the manga as well.

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