Domain Name Assignment

I have always loved showing others what I see on a daily basis while roaming the streets of New York. Little things like seeing phrases on the sidewalk- or a name being spray painted on construction sites, I would either take a picture of or share on my social media. So my potential blog would definitely have sightings for people who are interested in roaming the city looking at things that are unique and rare like art.

I also am in love with clothes, putting outfits together that stand out and just scream wow !

Every other day i’m buying sneakers that people don’t see everyday, putting them together with shirts or even hats is a hobby I have grown into to love. The blog would have a few items of clothes that are in style and clothes that you wouldn’t see everyday.

I have come to the conclusion that my domain name would be “Mac dee Sauze” just because now and days people use “saucy” as a way of describing someones fashion sense and the type of person someone is. Also, my last name is Dessources so the “dee Sauze” was found along the lines of that name.


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