DS 106 Assignment

“Be your own Best Friend!” (https://www.travelgrom.com/travel-blog/iphone-camera-trick-illusion-panomagic ) This assignment already sounds amazing so why not look more into it, which was provided by Elizabeth Kondzella. She has this unique view on things- being able to tell because of her picture for the assignment alone. Viewing two of the same person in the same person makes people want to explore their abilities in doing things like this. I chose this assignment simply because it is different and very interesting. There’s not a lot of assignments that people find exciting but this had “try me” written all over it. 

This is an assignment I most definitely would need help doing because it seems like a task but if I took the time to understand what it is I am doing I would be able to do this on my own. Perfecting this assignment a couple times during this semester would be important simply because it is a great way to attract attention and to bring smiles onto others faces. This also teaches you how to bring an audience by performing or showing new things that people never knew they had in their own possession. Ex :

Assignments like these are easy to learn and useful when it comes to storytelling because not only does it emphasize the importance of the context but it makes it more amusing as previously mentioned. Imagine telling your friend a story but having a cool picture to help make it even more fun ! 

But there are other assignments that are more strictly for the serious side of writing a paper like “Assignmenthelp “ ( http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/assignmenthelp/ ). For example, making a conclusion to finish the hard work you’ve done may be one of the hardest things to do.

Having this skill is very important simply because it will help in school, especially for hard homework- or just pieces being given to editors. Doing this assignment a lot of times during this semester will help improve my storytelling skills, while making sure the content is good enough for readers making sure ending it all together is what makes it an even better masterpiece.


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