this is the part where we get funkyyyy!

We are making websites. i knew this day would come. the domain name I chose is the name of my first Facebook. It is pretty clever. my name, Precious, is a word so i named my Facebook, Precious Precious.

Some other names i thought of were but it was taken. i also thought of Pstyles but that was taken too.

On my website i have a couple ideas of what id like to post, but I’m still not sure which to choose.

The domain i chose was



I am thinking of posting blogs like how I do on this platform. blogging has become fun for me and I am glad to have learned how to do it.

4 thoughts on “DOMAIN”

  1. Hi Precious, I wanna start by saying it is a tragedy that Precioussy was taken XD, that would’ve been one of the best domain names ever. Secondly, I completely understand your love of blogging. I love it now especially since I’ve gotten used to it.

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