Final Course Reflection Blog Post


The end of this semester, man what an interesting one indeed.

Man.. to recap from the beginning there is so much to say. To begin, when we first got introduced to ct101 commons website

I was honestly nervous because I didn’t know what to expect but it really felt like a social media online forum where we can post our creative ideas. When we started learning about memes that was really fun.

When I heard that in a college course we were making memes I found that hard to believe because why would any course teach that. Since that point on I knew this class was going to be really fun.

Moving away from memes… we were introduced to the

DS106 assignment bank    where it consists of many community submissions of works to do like photo mashups, video edits and even audio assignments. I was assigned to pick one from the photo assignment and I did a cool photo mashup of Dunkin Donuts and Mc Donald’s combined together!

We were then introduced to the concept of vapor waves which was honestly amazing because vapor waves is a true form of art and gives out this amazing aesthetic retro vibe which many celebrities get influenced by today. It is very chill and brings out calm vibes whenever you see any retro gif.

We were then told to create our very own website, being honest I was very nervous because this is something I always wanted to learn how to do but I felt that it was really complicated.

After we signed up for the word press account it was similar to the ct101 website we were already using and so then I started working right away. We created our own domain name and a theme for the type of content we wanted for our site.

this is my website > click here

The website is called SlimShakey because that is the persona I have on youtube and so it would resonate well if it was my own site. This website as you go through it consists of floors like a hotel and each floor you explore has a creepy element. The website is horror theme because I love horror movies and always had a fascination of creepy conspiracy theories and so I included creepy stories, unsolved conspiracies and creepy photos. If your into horror this website is for you. After the class ends I do plan on maintaining this website and expanding it to reddit users because it has many popular horror forums and so people can discover my website.

Overall this class was really fun, it was unfortunate due to COVID I couldn’t take this class in person but the zoom meetings were funny and interactive. I think I deserve an A because I was always on time with my assignments and I had a lot of fun working on the assignments. This class out of my other classes make me feel like I can be myself and do something I love.





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  1. Wonderful, Shaikh!
    Despite Covid 19.. Im really happy with the work that our class completed both as a whole and as energized individuals! You have completed a great body of compelling work in our class and expect the top grade! The evidence is very tangible here on a community platform, I appreciate your commitment to our class and the insights that brought to your work! We inspired each other and propelled each other forward with our creativity! Ah, Memes and GIFs are so much more powerful than people think at first, they methods of communication that far exceeds only humor, which is it really good at communicating! LOL! Great work on building your new website as well! Will you keep it up? I hope so!

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