Vaporwave W13

Vaporwave, this brings me back a bit to about a decade ago. I am no artist, but I what I see above is art lol. The moving gif above is a prime example of vaporwave digital art, but can you hear the music? Use some imagination, what do you think you’ll be hearing if you were flying around this view? Not sure about you but Im getting new retro wave vibes, endless summer comes to mind.

I love it. I cannot hate vaporwave because it is simply a vibe scenery and if you add the right new retro wave music your golden. Digging deeper on the images though, vaporwave is a form of seeing the future both visually and in music style even if it is considered an old school genre. Like I asked above, can you not hear the music just with the vaporwave image? If you cannot let me help you out, these are 2 of my favorite new wave retro music playlist, check them out and watch the vaporwave images again. This is art, futurist art.