Guys I’m so stuck!

I’m the most indecisive person I know, so I can’t decide what my domain name will be. And I know this should be the simplest activity but I honestly only have two working brain cells and their both doing the dougie……

So Yea

Now I do have some three…but that’s not the point.

So first I thought of what my blog would be about, I thought about things I enjoy and it came to me that my blog would be my reactions to different shows, gossip, music videos, music, and life in general. I wanna catch others attention and keep it so why not give everyone pure, unapologetic entertainment.

Back to this name business.

So my two ideas are:





Man I don’t know, Y’ll choose.

7 thoughts on “Guys I’m so stuck!”

  1. OK, so – LetsGetToTalkingWithNya is a lil on the long side for a URLm BUT – its really catchy and I think people will remember it easily! Thats a good thing!
    Forward we go!

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