How I feel about CT???

Thus far this has been an amazing journey in CT. I entered this class scared of what was to come. I’ve never had a class this unique and impactful before. This is a cross between my love of writing and visual learning. I was able to ponder and express my emotions about education and matters that actually concerned me . I learned that every writer does better with the use of visual learning. It’s how we first learn the world and makes things more easy to comprehend. I was able to see my classmates different perspectives on art and enjoy the way it uplifts their life . 

This class has also helped me improve my photoshop and be able to dissect the meaning of visuals . I also adopted the 4 quadrant technique where you split photos into 4 . Through this you’re able to notice small details you wouldn’t have by just taking a quick glance at the visual . My skills in photoshop were not very good but the DS projects encouraged me to give it a try . I watched YouTube tutorials and even used the experience from other classmates . 

What I enjoyed most about this class was the the fact it was like a small community . Despite Corona effecting our in person classes , we were still united behind a screen . Everyone was very nice and indulged in each other’s work . I can’t say the same for other classes , because the enthusiasm is not there . Our teacher is very nice and makes asking questions feel safe . I respect and commend his dedication to teaching us . He is respectable and clearly has a passion for the major he teaches . I hope to take another class with him and get to finally meet my classmates on better circumstance .

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  1. Thanks so much!
    Good work! Love the GIFS!
    Quick tip, when you add animated GIFs into a blog post, you always have to make sure that the file size in the media library shows you that they are set to “Full Size” – sometimes they default to Medium sized causing them not to animate in the post.
    (I fixed them for you).

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