Mid-Semester Assessment :D

This fall semester has been difficult, the levels of stress and anxiety have grown over the past few months, and include the current pandemic which caused the in home learning it doesn’t help, BUT, what does help is when professors such as ours know the strain of due dates and the anxiety that comes with them, and understands us and helps us and allows us to speak our minds and express ourselves not only with words, but with visuals.

CT101 is the best example of how an online class setting should be, the work given to us is NOT boring, it’s actually very creative and FUN! It allows to explore and express our imagination with different assignments such as the beginning which was about learning to use gifs.  I enjoy the search of gifs, I learned to use gifs in mostly all my conversations with people now, helps maintain a level of attention in a way because the humor many gifs have.

Moving to websites 😀 >

I am now learning more on how to make a website, of how the design affects greatly the attention of the one observing the website. Of how to scratch a template and transform it to whatever I desire. These are skills that I did not have so strongly before entering this class, but I do believe that they have strengthen and will continue to strengthen as I continue designing my website. Which link is right here if you wanna peek what I got so far:


Remember, it is still a work in progress! I want to add as much information as I can that is accurate and simple to understand, my goal continues to be to simply share information about FX.

My strengths? Well I believe they are expressing my thoughts with creativity, creating a website (like said this is something that I’ve grown stronger with :)), and gifs. The assignments help me express myself as a speaker with more creativity and more visuals. Just check out an earlier post of my fun I found fun to do>

DS106 Week 6 Assign. Part 2

Grade wise, well I’m aiming for an A, so far though since I haven’t given everything in so I’m probably at a B or less but fear not! That A is mine! Lol.

It felt good writing this reflection for the class, just love that we are allowed to speak our thoughts you know, thank you Ryan.

On that note, farewell! See you in the next post ;D