Vaporwave ?

Vaporwave ?!?!?!

Of course seems like another way of using art as a form of communication or an expression- viewing these masterpieces automatically turned on my awareness switch.

Looking at the post and being it hit with so much colors at the same time sort of made my eyes hurt. It makes me wonder sometimes how people are able to focus up on just one art piece at a time. On a serious note, I was also able to feel a rush because of the flashing images that scream “LOOK AT ME !”

I do understand that vaporwave is effect to make an image even more different than it already is. This sort of artwork is suppose to resemble the wave of electronic music. Its amazing how I have never heard or seen this form of images before. But to say, I wouldn’t say that I hate the ways of the vaporwave but instead this would be something that is not my style. I am open to new things but I would rather stay away because if activates some kind of anxiety.

At the same time I would love to see what people come up with when they bring out their own ideas into this vaporwave era.

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